Tuesday, April 10, 2012

String Button Mind Magic

First thing you need to do is find a piece of string. Something light, like thread, fishing line, or kite string. You need a piece roughly twelve inches in length.

Now obtain a button. A small washer will work as well. just something to add a small amount of weight to the end of the string.

Tie the button to one one of the string.

Now, hold the string, in your dominant hand, so that the button is roughly at chin level, and about 10 inches from your face.

At this point, your arm should be still, the button should not be moving.

Now, forget about your arm. Focus entirely on the button. Imagine it swinging left to right. Get that image as clear in your mind as you can.left. right. left. right. left right. Keep repeating to your self "left. right. left. right". See the button swinging on the end of the string. Don't think about anything else. Block out all other sound, don't see anything else. Don't think about your arm. Just the button going left, right, left, right...

You might want to time yourself. and see how long it takes before the button start swinging.

Once you get that going good, try visualizing it swinging in a counter-clockwise circle, and see if you can get it to do that. After that, try visualizing clockwise, and see if you can get it to switch direction.

Pretty cool trick eh?

 Your brain knows what muscles need to do what in order to accomplish the task of making you pendulum swing, or go in a circle. If you can clearly visualize it occurring, your brain will subconsciously begin to send small impulses to the appropriate muscles. Given a little time, those tiny impulses will be enough to initiate the motion you are actively thinking about, but not actively attempting to do.


Having seen this, how confident are you that the shows you watch, the music you listen to, the games you play...

have absolutely no effect on you?

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