Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Thoughts about pants on Sunday movement...

Just some random thoughts I had yesterday and today after reading about the "Wear pants to Church on Sunday" thing.

  • Why would you protest a church? It is a religious organization, not a social club. Either you believe it is true, and directed by deity, in which case you do you best to follow its tenets, or you don't believe it, in which case, why waste your time?
  • Why would women seek to lower themselves to the level of selfish thinking that men have already fallen too?
Justification for that statement?
Have you been listening to conference for the past many many years?
Gist of talks targeting the women. Be faithful, have patience keep on enduring, continue to make Jesus Christ your foundation, and charity your motto.

Gist of talk targeting men: c'mon you idiots get your act together! Stop looking at porn! stop cheating on our spouse! stop neglecting your family! stop mistreating your family!
Do something useful will ya?

I might be exaggerating slightly, but only slightly. This isn't a new trend, by the way. A prophet named Jacob gave a similar talk roughly 2500 years ago (Book of Mormon, Jacob 2:6-10)

Point is, women generally speaking have always seemed to have a better grasp on the meaning of true Christianity: of charity, humility, faith, service and obedience. Why would you change that by pursuing selfishness, conflict, divisiveness?

  • Sacrament Meeting is about renewing personal covenants with our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is one hour a week when we attempt to step away from worldly distractions of business and politics, and focus our attention on Faith, Repentance, Bearings one another burdens and strengthening one another's faith? Why on earth would you choose to inject a political statement into time meant to be focused upon the savior?

  • Those of you decrying the Gender inequality in the Church... Have you ever been to a Bishops Council or Ward welfare meeting? I've have been to quite a few, in a number of capacities. The one common thread of every meeting? The Bishop presides over the meeting, but the relief society president calls the shots, and when she talks, the men take notes. Sure there are occasionally idiots who wind up as Bishop or Stake President. There were a few prophets in the Bible who did some rather dumb things too. But referring back to the second point, why would you stoop to their level?

  • Callings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's are NOT positions of authority. The church is is not a business, nor a political organization. Nobody in their right mind wants to be a Bishop, or Stake president. Bishops 1 year for every two months they have their calling. It is about service, not about ascension. (I secretly suspect that may explain in part why men are those callings, they need to be ... encouraged... when it comes to service and selflessness. Women, generally speaking seem to be able to 'just get it' on their own.

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