Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Media Rant

How is it that in this day and age, with the internet, cell phones, cameras, etc... That our Media system is so hopelessly incompetent?

After a friend recently posted about an AR-15 not being used, followed by partially retracting said post, I did some looking around at various media sources, and here is what I have found:

  • The shooter had two pistols and an AR-15.
  • The shooter had two Pistols, and there was an AR-15 in his car.
  • The shooter had two pistols and an AR-15, and there was a second AR-15 in his car.
  • The shooter had two pistols and an AR-15, and there was a shotgun in his car.
  • The shooter had four pistols and an AR-15
  • The shooter had four Pistols, and there was an AR-15 in his car   
  • There was only one shooter.
  • The police arrested a second suspect in the woods nearby.
  •  The police arrested two additional suspects in the woods nearby.

C'mon, did no one have a camera phone? Was there no one there capable of counting higher than two?! Do the police there not have a procedure for documenting an incident? How can so many be so incompetent for so long and still be employed?

And it isn't just that. This morning I was listening to a bit on the inauguration on the radio in which the reporter said, "There are many people here. People like <I dont'remember the name they said>  <2 second pause> an African American woman <5 second pause> and her...

Really? Did that actually serve any purpose?

Then this evening on the way home I here this bit about Sloane Stephens beating Serena Williams, and one of the reports say "It's important to note that both Sloan and Serena are AFRICAN AMERICAN <yes she emphasized it, and yes followed it up with a long pause for dramatic effect...".

Talk about racist...

Billions of dollars in information infrastructure and this is the kind of crap that I get... What happened to unbiased? informative? accurate? It is pretty bad when the weatherman is the one you trust the most.

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