Sunday, October 6, 2013


My littlest boy is just about to finish out the fall soccer season. One game left, and no losses. They have in fact fact won many games by significant margins. I am feeling a little mixed about that. Of course I am happy his team has done so well, but...

I should mention that score keeping is up to each individual, they don't keep an official score. And I don't like that.

I think youth sports are of value when they accomplish the following objectives.

1. Allow the youth to develop coordination, physical 'knowledge', and fundamental skills.
2. Teach the youth to function as a team.
3. Teach the youth to win with grace.
4. Teach them to lose with dignity.

If they don't keep score, and if they don't have well balanced teams, those last two get missed. They are critical life skills. It is important to know how to accept failure, to see it as an opportunity to grow. It is also important to know how - as the champion on any given day - to reach out a hand , to lift up those who you have 'defeated'. I fear we do our youth a disservice when we prevent them from gaining that experience.

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