Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fixing the US Government

(It might be helpful to read "Government 101" First...)

There is only one strategy that will fix the American government. The Democrats don't have the answer. The Republicans don't have the answer, the Libertarians don't have the answer. No political party has it right, nor will they.

The problem is, we keep looking at government in entirely the wrong way. we fail to correctly understand or define government. It is impossible to get the correct answer if the model is wrong to begin with.

The problem ultimately is one of size. No, it isn't what you think. Big government is not the problem. Quite the opposite.

For some reason, we humans are obsessed with kings. We turn everything into a monarchy. We are always looking for someone incredibly amazing to save us. We are always looking for a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., etc... to lead us to utopia.

We just can't seem to wrap our heads around the fact that kings never work out. It always goes south.

But we still keep trying. it. We try it under every possible guise. We envision communism, where everyone is equal. But to get there, we first have to have a strong group to overthrow the present king. Do you really think someone the with will to lead, the ambition to take on and overthrow the monarchy, is going to then step aside and give up what he fought so hard to attain? Seriously?

 We try it under the guise of pure capitalism, where each attains according to his labor, and talents. We bank on this quality called "rational self-interest" to guide us. Rational is about as common as unicorns (the magical kind). Self interest? A poor attempt to put a positive spin on selfishness. No my friends, John Galt is just another king.  Ayn Rand was as far off the mark as was Karl Marx. (I wonder how many people just stopped reading because I spoke ill of one of their prophets?).

We continually cry for smaller government, when smaller government is precisely the problem. We don't need fewer people to govern us. we need more. Less than half of the population participates in the election of our President and Senators.In a country that is supposed to be a democracy, a minority vote is choosing our representatives, making our decisions.

And for the vast majority of us, that is the extent of our involvement in the governing process (apart from complaining loudly about the liberals/conservatives currently in power and how they are ruining the country). Voting in a monarchy, doesn't make it any less of a monarchy.

So now I propose a model of government to correct this mess. A model that can restore prosperity, and keep kings (both political, and corporate) in check.

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