Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stop Depending on Cops

Let's face it. cops are human, just like the rest of us. There are going to be good cops, and there are going to be bad cops. Good cops are going to have bad days, Good cops are going to make mistakes.

And there simply aren't enough cops to handle every problem, nor is there enough money to hire, screen, and properly train a sufficiently large police force.

So, stop depending on cops. Stop being mad when you get pulled over for speeding, after reading about a drunk driver who killed someone (BTW, did it ever occur to you, that had he not been sent to run a speed trap in an area where there were complaints of speeding problems, he might have had more time to hunt for drunk drivers?).

It is time for us to stand up and pull our weight. Here is what I recommend.

1) Obey the law. Cops who are having to deal with speeders, dogs off leash, loud music, etc... are cops not dealing with dangerous criminals.

2) Get to know the cops. I realize this isn't easy, but when an opportunity permits, go and introduce yourself. Get to know them. people who know each other tend to communicate better, treat each other better.

3) Don't waste their time. Don't call the cops because burger king won't give you fries an 9:58 am. Wait the 2-10 minutes until they start cooking fries. Don't call the cops because your neighbors dog got loose for the first or second time. Go help your neighbor round up their dog. Don't call the cops because you neighbors yard is a mess. Go help you neighbor clean up (but be nice about it).

4) Video the cops when they are dealing with a situation. This isn't about catching them doing something wrong. This is about providing unbiased documentation. Not all police forces have or can afford the new body cams. As a citizen, you can help the police by providing that unbiased documentation. And make sure it is just as readily available when the officer handles the situation well. Regardless of how the situation was handled, make the video available to the officers superior if they desire (i.e. volunteer it). If the officer did well, the superior can give positive feedback. If there were mistakes, the superior can provide positive correction. This is how you improve quality. It is why sports teams and athletes film and analyze their performance. It works.

5) If you are in a situation with an officer and he says something stupid, comply anyway (so long as doing so is not life threatening). It may be he is stressed out, or dealing with other problems which have clouded his judgement. When the event is over, notify his superior, who can then take action to correct for future incidents.

6) If you are in a situation and the officer handles it well, notify the superior officer. Positive reinforcement always works better than negative reinforcement. Make sure they get rewarded for doing well, which will encourage repetition of those behaviors.

Stop depending on cops. Start working with them.

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