Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kaepernick's Gesture: Success or Failure?

Colin has been big news of late. I just saw a few bits declaring him victorious, based on the fact that a handful of others have joined in his pledge protest - raised fists and what-not.

But was his gesture really a Success?

I have to think that, rhetoric aside, what he really, truly wants and is seeking to promote is greater peace, less violence. I believe that he is trying to stick up for the 'little guy; the victim of hate who can't speak for himself.

The National Anthem - I'm not sure he understands what it is. Standing at attention during the National Anthem, like participating in in the Pledge of Allegiance is  about reaffirming our commitment to the ideal - The "Republic for which it stands".  It isn't about what we are, it is about what would can be, should be, hope to be. For those brief moments, we set aside our differences and recommit to the ideals of one united, indivisible nation, committed to the ideals that all men are created equal - not economically equal, not physically, intellectually, or socially equal, but of equal worth in the site of our creator. And as such we are all entitled to life, to basic liberty, and to the right to pursue happiness (note the 'pursue').

Choosing that moment to protest... It sends a mixed message - sort of like beating spectators at a boxing match with a baseball bat in protest of boxing for it's violence. 

At one of those rare moments when we collectively set aside our differences and unite in consideration of possibilities, he chose to revel in the darker realities.

The result of his action as I have seen it has been yet another schism, an increase in the separation of two sides, in increase in counterproductive rhetoric.

So, assuming I am correct in my evaluation of his intent - It is possible he had another motive - perhaps auditioning to become the next hatemonger to join the likes of Jackson and Sharpton - but assuming the best intentions on his part, I am afraid he missed his mark.

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