Thursday, September 22, 2016

Moming is hard

My wife is out of town, and I have three of the Kids. This morning, I lost track of time (as did the older two kids), and had to scramble and drive them to school. In the meantime, number three was to be picked up by a carpool. H e was up earlier than the older two and seemed to be on top of things, so I left him with instructions to watch out the window for his ride.

I dropped the older two off at school, after some debate as to where their school actually was, then returned home to find number three sitting on the computer, watching videos, at this point 5 minutes after he was supposed to have been picked up.

I sent him out to the car so I could drive him, just as the carpool showed up, then he tells me that he is going to wear sandals, because he can't find his shoes! "Aaack! I tell you to get ready and watch for your ride, and you are playing on the computer with no idea where your shoes are?!"

An hour later, I get a call at work, form the school, my son wishes to speak to me. 

"Dad? I forgot my homework folder".

Mom-ing is hard!

I am not one to take my wife for granted, I know she works hard and have much to do and keep track of. I also understand that I am disadvantaged in this role, because I don't do it often enough to develop the 'muscle memory'.

In spite of that, I am actually glad I get this opportunity every so often to remind me just how much she does do. That whole "Walk in another's shoes thing" is good for the soul.

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