Sunday, July 10, 2011

Three Sisters - Part 3 - and a small diversion in Red Currants and Gangsta Robins

First, My third update on the Three Sisters.
Here is a bean beginning to climb the corn...

It is later in the day as I am writing this, and a strong wind has knocked over several of my corn stalks. *sob*
Hopefully tomorrow I can add some dirt, prop them up and get them going again. How did such a tall skinny plant end up with such a wimpy root system?

And now for something unrelated to the sisters... Red currants!

Aren't they beautiful? They are now 6 pints of gorgeous, semi-transparent red-currant Jelly. A perfect blend of sweet and tart. The tragedy is that there is less than half a loaf of bread in the house. Toast will have to wait until to tomorrow (That or the kids can go without lunch... hmmm.....).

So... the robin... I was harvesting these currents night before last, my head down amongst the branches of the currant bush, many of which are bent right to the ground under the weight of berries, when I hear a rush of wings and look up to see a medium'ish robin make a low pass just above and to my right. It lands on the fence, about 10 feet from me, with its back to me, and looks over its shoulder (do robins actually have shoulders?). It just sits there, looking at me. I am pretty sure it thinks I am interfering with its dinner plans. The following conversation ensues.
Me: Go away.
Robin: Chirp.
Me: Get lost. These are my berries.
Robin: Chirp.
Me: Have you been out here watering this bush? Clearing the weeds around it? Taking care of it?
Robin: (Nothing).
Me: Yeah, didn't think so. Take a hike.
Robin: Chirp.

At this point, I accidentally pick a cluster of green berries. I toss them at the robin. Amazingly, I hit the robin, right where the tail feathers join the body. There is a satisfying thump as they hit. The robin, doesn't fly away though. No, he jumps down off the fence TOWARD me, and Chirps. Then he just stands there, looking at me.  I go back to harvesting berries, trying not to draw attention to myself, and hoping little gangsta robin doesn't decide to put a cap in me...

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