Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Health Update 21 Feb: "I think you ought to know I'm feeling awfully depressed."

That's Marvin talking, not me. I'm not that bad off yet. Well see what the second 10,000 years looks like though.

But The past couple weeks have been a bit discouraging. One of the downsides of most any autoimmune disorder appears to be that your immune system doesn't work quite right. You are more likely to catch whatever is going around, and it is likely to stick with you longer.

My immune system wasn't stellar to begin with, and I live in a house with 4 little germ factories, three of which go socialize at schools with hordes of other germ factories. All that licking of fingers, picking of noses, and then playing tag and such... Not to mention bathrooms and hand washing...

So I have had a head cold for a week now. Before that it was some sort of stomach bug... More days sick than well of late.

Last night I was feeling well enough that I though I would try to get a feel for my fitness level. I thought I'd start with a 12 minute run/walk, and see how far I could go.

1 mile. In high school I ran a 4.5 minute mile. Before I got run over by a drunk driver, I was doing an 18 minute 5k. Before this new health experience started, I was back to a 20 minute 5k. Yeah, there are lots of people faster then me, stronger than me, and in better shape than me, but I was in pretty darn good shape. And now it's 12 minutes to run one mile? That's a kick in the teeth, even if I can partially blame it on still being sick.

I am testing tomatoes this week, since my abdomen has been feeling mostly normal. So far so good...

I am having a hard time deciding what to test next, bread, rice or beans. Any votes?


  1. Do I get a vote? Because bread would make my life easier. Let's try that next. Also, I would like to point out that a warmer climate might bring fewer illnesses...Just sayin'.

  2. In addition, you can still run. I'm proud of you no matter how fast you run.