Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Health Update 28 Feb: "The ten thouand years after that, they were the worst too"

It was a rough week. I had a really bad episode going into the weekend. I don't know that it was tomato induced though, so no real gains on the diet. There was apparently a stomach bug going around. Nobody in the family exhibited symptoms, but given my compromised immune system, I could easily have been affected by something that did nothing to them. I had also bee doing a fair amount of gum chewing near the end of the week, and just learned yesterday that Xylitol may be a trigger for IBD symptoms.

I also learned yesterday that my cholesterol is high. This is likely attributable to the large quantities of eggs, ice cream and milk shakes I have been consuming in an effort to bring my weight up. I'm going in the wrong direction with respect to food variety in my diet...

I am testing bread now. I got rid of the gum, now if I can just avoid germs...

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