Sunday, September 16, 2012

Favorite Videos - Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is another recent find. I.... Absolutely..... Looove her! She is incredible! Amazingly talented. Energetic, enthusiastic, fun... A phenomenal individual. Her music is upbeat and positive, with positive messages, she has even taken a few pop songs with less positive messages and reworked them. I like that. I occasionally hear a song that I love the tune, but can't bring myself to purchase, or listen to, due to the morally and/or socially poor message (See string button mind magic for a bit more on that). So I love it when someone does a remake that I can feel good about listening to it.

The first video of hers I found was while looking for something dubstep to listen to. The music and the scenery are both amazing.


Then I found this one. The video is okay, nothing special (well, other than her amazing display of talent, that is... well... amazing !)  But I love the music.

Epic Violin Girl

This one is my favorite (so far). It is a beautiful remake of a dysfunctional video, providing a wonderfully positive message, beautiful, inspiring imagery.... I am not a sufficiently skilled wordsmith to put in prose my appreciation for this video.

We Found Love

This is the most recent one I have seen. It is just plain fun! Very appealing the the Fantasy, D&D, Swords and Sorcery, RPG Gaming geek in me.


She does cool costumes, and they are all modest! That is the other thing I love about her. I feel completely  comfortable letting my kids to see her material, without worries that they might get an eyeful, or an earful. On her website, she even lists that as one of the stipulations for covering her songs. (#3 below)...

Clip from the Q&A on her website.


Q: Can I perform a cover of your song/use your music for a performance/video/event/video game?
A: That should be fine; as long as:
1. Your video is entirely non-profit
2. You give me credit for the music
3. Your cover/video is CLEAN (no vulgarity whatsoever, modest clothing and behavior, minimal violence, etc. etc.)
4. You provide a link for people to purchase the music you are using from itunes, Spotify, or my website.
When you are finished, please send a link of your video to so that my team can “claim” the music on the video.
It would also be helpful if you provided links to direct viewers to my:
Website ( )
Facebook page ( )
YouTube channel ( )
Twitter ( )
I CAN NOT, by law, give you permission to use music from any of my covers.


How cool is that?!!
 (I also like that she isn't tied to a record label, which leaves me feeling that my money will go to her, and not to a cadre of RIAA/MPAA lawyers. I have all but stopped buying music from labels at this point, but that is another story for another time).

It is inspiring to me to see people like this, who are using their talent in a positive way, producing exceptional content, and providing it in a reasonable, practical means. I hope that she is incredibly successful (and I hope I can manage to see her live performance this October 11 in Salt Lake).

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