Friday, January 13, 2012

Beauty Deconstructed

This isn't so much a blog post, as a place to link three video's, with a similar theme, which I like to hunt up now and then, and remind myself of the (dangerous) power of the marketing machine, with respect to self worth and self-image.

First one is part of a campaign by Dove. It is the first one I ever saw on YouTube on this subject.
Dove, Evolution...

This next one is a recent find of a friend. A rather funny, fake commercial selling technology as the health and beauty cure.
fotoshop by Adobe'...

 The last one is not quite so funny. It's actually downright disturbing. But it does an excellent job of driving the point home, about the need to arm ourselves, and our children, to deal with the all out war being waged against their self-esteem, for the sake of profit.

Dove, Beauty Pressure...

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