Saturday, January 28, 2012

My favorite Videos - Rolling

I selected this video purely for artistic reasons.

First, the singers voice is INCREDIBLE! Rich, full, strong, controlled... Adele is amazing. I was quite suprised when I heard an interview with her, and discovered that she was not of southern rock/blues origin (I didn't even guess the right continent!). Just listening to her sing is a treat.

Then there is the video itself.

This is a video I want to watch in high def on a gi-normous screen. The stark, crisp imagery fits the song very well. The hundred (thousands? of water glasses and seismic effect is very cool, as is the smashing dishware against the plywood board. The use of color is poignant. The visuals are well thought out, with tremendous attention to detail.

Even more cool is the paper city on the table. The  white smoke and sparks are a great bit of imagery.

The highlight though is the flour dancing.  What an incredibly cool effect! Haze, "Explosions", "Smoke trails", all linked to the graceful flow of a dancing silhouette.

Love it.

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