Saturday, January 14, 2012

Health Update 14 Jan

An update on my health game...

The Farina (I said Cream of Wheat, but it was Farina) week seemed to go well. No noticeable problems. It did occur to me, that quantity may be a factor, in addition to food type. Perhaps a small bowl of Farina every morning is fine, but more than one bowl a day, or a bowl of that plus some other grain is too much. Not sure what the best way will be to test that yet.

The week after that I tried rice. I had some problems, but, That was also the week I lowered my medication dosage again (down to one pill every other day), so it is possible that the rice was not the problem. I will need to re-test once I am stable again. I am stable now, and just starting another run at pork (fingers crossed). I could really use a bit more variety. Chicken and turkey is a pretty limited protein pool. fish is okay, and good - I have really been enjoying the occasional steel-head, baked with butter, dill and lemon, but fish is mostly $5 or more a pound, so I really can't do that too terribly often.


  1. $5 a pound for steelhead!!!!!!!That is robbery and it isn't even fresh:)

  2. It is pretty absurd. I need to have you and Mark 'hook' me up (pun intended). ;)